Small Wedding Packages For Exactly What You Want You’ve got options!

Just like a traditional wedding might not feel right for you, maybe an elopement feels too small.

Small weddings are perfect for all of us east coast-ers who are just too close to our family to get married without them. Trust me, I get it. I call my mom or my sisters every day and I couldn’t envision my big day without them.

A small wedding can look like a lakeside ceremony or a backyard celebration. A day out in a winery or an evening where you rent out your favorite restaurant in Rochester and share the best meal with the ones you love. Taking the whole family with you to Italy? Please, please let me come.

A small wedding is whatever you want or need it to be. And I can help you plan it.

“But what if we only need a photographer for an hour?”

I get this question a lot. So much that I’m putting it right here on this page to explain why I think you need more than that.

Your wedding day isn’t a photo session, it’s a full blown experience. We’ll spend so much time planning out the details, that I can guarantee you’re going to want more than just a few photos of you saying your vows.

Small weddings usually incorporate both time alone and time with your family. Is one part of that day more important than another? Don’t you want to have your memories documented from the full experience? I want that for you, which is why all my packages have an 8-hour minimum.

What I’ll do for you:

Ideas. All the ideas—Bring me your half-baked dreams and we’ll turn them into the best day of your life. Still trying to decide on an elopement vs. a small wedding? Don’t know how to tell your great uncle he’s not invited? Need a packing list? I’ll help with all of it.

Location research—I can virtually scout any location in the world using a satellite to see how it looks in all weather and at any time of day. I’m committed to finding a place that fulfills everything you’re after and then some.

Timeline creation—I’ll plan every detail you need help with. Like how long a hike takes when you add in time for photos. Or how long a first look lasts. Or how much time we’ll need to save to pop a bottle of champagne. I’ll think of everything and compile all that info into a timeline that will gently but expertly guide our day together. It all comes together seamlessly so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Vendor recommendations—If you want flowers, a catered lakeside picnic, an invitation designer, or a seaplane pilot, I got you. I’ll even give you a list of everyone local to your elopement spot so you don’t have to do the research.

Marry you—I’m an ordained officiant! If you’re eloping alone, I can legally seal your ceremony to keep things as intimate as possible.

Small Wedding Packages + Info

I’ll tell the story of your small wedding. On your day, we’ll follow my detailed timeline, include the people who are most important to you, and celebrate YOUR way.

Every small wedding package includes:

  • UNLIMITED CUSTOMIZATION—Unlimited location scouting, vendor recommendations, tips, tricks and logistical assistance.
  • ALL OF YOUR BEST EDITED PHOTOS—Delivered in an online gallery with full print release.
  • MY TRAVEL COSTS—No matter what spot you end up picking in the world, whether it’s accessible by commercial airline or a 2WD car, I’ll take care of all of my own travel costs.

4 different packages to choose from:

  • The Ultimate 2-day Experience—You’ll get 2, 10-hour days with me.
  • The Full Day+ Experience—You’ll get 1 10-hour day + 1 4-hour session the next day
  • The Full Day Experience—You’ll get 10 hours of my time
  • The Partial Day Experience—You’ll get 6 hours of my time

*Small weddings are limited to 50 people.

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