meet kasey jo

You don’t need a whole vendor team. All you need is love (oh, and me).

There’s this moment that happened at every big wedding I ever photographed. It was during the reception when I snuck outside with my couple to go take some portraits in that golden light. They held hands and looked at each other, alone for the first time in hours. And they breathed this huge, audible sigh of relief as they reflected on what the heck just happened during the past 8 hours. .

They shared a quiet look that said, “Oh, it’s you! I’ve been waiting all day to be with you.”

And that moment? It’s exactly why I only photograph elopements now. It’s an entire day of that look. That you’re-the-only-thing-that-matters look. An elopement allows you the time, the space, and the intention you crave. It gives you an experience that can’t be replicated or impacted by anyone else.

All you two have to worry about is what you want. You tell me that and I’ll do the rest.

What matters to you matters to me.

If you’re thinking about having a small wedding or eloping, then you’re all about simplifying things down to what matters to you. Me too.

And I already know that something that matters to you is feeling like there’s a friend behind that camera. Like you actually know the person documenting the best day of your life. So here’s some more about me (ask me anything though; I’m an open book!) ...

The bullet points that matter to you:

My mom calls me a wild child.

I'm currently renovating a 1979 Vintage Airsteam to travel out of part-time.

I graduated high school, moved to the city, and started college at 16, before I even had a driver’s license.

I shot my first wedding at 16 (10 years ago!).

The moment I stepped off the plane in Joshua Tree in 2018, I knew I wanted to photograph elopements & small weddings instead of traditional weddings.

elopements aren't just fun for me.
They give me meaning and purpose. I wouldn’t change a single thing about what I do. I love that my couples feel comfortable bringing me their struggles and frustrations, and then trust me to help them build a true wedding experience, completely catered to them.

Elopements take my love of travel and smush it right up to my love of people. I can’t wait to help you plan yours.
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