Build your elopement portfolio in just one day

These 1-Day Shootouts and 3-Day Retreats full of styled shoots gives you content relevant to your perfect audience that you can use immediately.

Are you an East Coast elopement photographer who desperately needs some fresh content?

I’ll answer for you: yes, you do.

Maybe you are dying to shoot more elopements, but you have no idea how to market them because the truth is: you’ve only done a few adventurous shoots.

Maybe you’ve been shooting for years so your systems and processes are all in place. You know how to book couples and deliver a stellar experience. You’ve nailed your editing style. You have the gear you’ve always wanted and your website is ready to go. You know you can do elopement photography and do it well.

Or maybe you’re just getting into photography, but you know elopements are where you and your camera belong. Your heart is ready for adventure and all you want is to photograph couples in love, on the best day of their life.

Whoever you are, you’re stuck on the same thing:

Fresh content to market the crap out of the amazing thing you’ve got going on.

Elopements are up and coming

They may not be what everyone is doing right now, but thousands of couples are choosing to elope every year. And that number keeps growing.

Because more photographers are starting to hop on the elopement train, you need to have proof that you know what you’re doing. You need to show that you can photograph the beautiful light streaming through forest trees. You need epic portraits on the mountaintops. You need to showcase not only your talent in composing a photo, but your skill in posing and guiding people as well.

These shootouts & retreats will help you show your potential clients that you can do all that and more.

It’s a jam-packed experience full of different styled shoots for you to practice your skill and diversify your images. But let’s not just call them “styled shoots.” These shoots mimic REAL elopements. They are planned out from beginning to end, just like an actual elopement.

Picture these kinds of photos:

  • A bride getting her hair and makeup done
  • The couple putting on their dress and suit
  • The couple wearing headlamps up a hike during sunrise
  • Bridal portraits hiking in a dress with a backpack, hiking boots, and a bouquet
  • The couple reading vows
  • Exchanging rings
  • Popping champagne
  • Their first kiss!
  • A first dance around a campfire
  • Nighttime starry portraits out in the wilderness

We’ll organize everything, bringing the beautiful scenery, props, and people. All you have to do is show up!

You’ll walk away with content that shows you as the expert you are and will give your online presence a serious boost.

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“The amount of knowledge that I learned from Kasey’s retreat has PAID FOR ITSELF 3x within the first THREE weeks. And that’s not even counting the incredible content that I received. You can’t make this stuff up, I would attend another one of Kasey’s retreats in a heartbeat. If you’re on the fence, do it because you will not regret it!” - M.A.

Realistic styled elopements— You’ll be able to shoot with 4-6 different couples. When I say they are different, I mean it! Different color palettes, different themes, different couples, and different settings and locations.

Lodging and meals included with 3-Day Retreats—All you have to do is show up and shoot—the rest is taken care of!

Networking—You’ll meet other photographers and vendors from the East Coast and build relationships with people in our industry. This is great for referrals, for learning more about how other photographers work, and to make some friends.

As a Bonus: Group Coaching included with 3-Day Retreats— Oftentimes, you leave a retreat with an abundance of images, but you have burning un-answered questions. During the retreat, we will sit down for a group coaching session. This is where we will go over ACTIONABLE methods that you can implement into your own business. Think of this as a retreat with a bonus of business expertise.

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So what will you get?

What this is not:

It’s not cheesy—Every retreat is completely unique, completely on trend, and nothing like you’ve already seen on Instagram. I want to help you stand out and get noticed, not blend into the algorithm.

It’s not expensive—Forget the travel costs to get to the west coast and the lodging and the time it takes to do all of that. This is in your backyard and I’ve made it as affordable as possible.

It’s not unrealistic—We’ve all seen those epic images that don’t even seem real. But ya know what? It’s hard to advertise to a couple eloping in Upstate NY with photos looking like straight out of a magazine. I want you to have realistic elopement photos of our so you can get more of the clients you want.

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If I’m being honest…

Attending Shoot Retreats & Shootouts was hands-down the best thing I’ve ever invested in for myself and for my business.

After just 6 months of consistently posting curated content on Instagram, I went from having 5 weddings booked, to having over 35 on my calendar.


I was able to double the value of my wedding & elopement packages.

This is the time to invest in your business. The images you’ll create at these events can completely change the type of clientele that you’re bringing in.


“I have to admit, I was hesitant at first too. Because there’s so many retreats out there, how do you know which one to choose? That was before I heard reviews from past attendees, and got to know Kasey herself. I flew across the country and made my biggest business investment to date. If I didn’t make that jump, my business would NOT be where it is today. Previous to the retreat, I had 6 elopements/small weddings on the books. I now have 27 (!!!) … and only 90 days has passed. The proof is in the pudding!” - J.D.

The people that bring the magic to life

First, hi, I’m Kasey Jo. I dove into elopements headfirst a few years ago and never looked back. I work so hard to organize these retreats because it’s exactly what I needed when I was first starting out.

It’s more than just images.

Can we all agree on the whole #COMMUNITYOVERCOMPETITION thing? You’ll learn SO much from working alongside others and being able to ask those questions that you’ve been dying to talk about. We’re all in this together. A shootout is the perfect way to meet other photographers, network within our industry, and build relationships that can change your business. Let’s do this!

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to get content you’re really proud of, this is it. I can’t wait to help you build your portfolio! Scroll down below to check out our next Shootouts & Retreats!
What we have planned for 2021:
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Upcoming Events:

Adirondack Park, NY

Wednesday, August 18th 2021.

1-Day Shootout | 4 Shoots

3 Locations with EPIC Mountain-Views: Lakeside, Mountain-top, and a Field with the Mountain-range.

2 Realistic “All-Day” Fully Stylized Adventure Elopements

2 Adventure Couples Sessions

$750/ticket ($100 off total if paired with Firelight Camps/Taughannock Falls ticket)

Firelight Camps & Taughannoack Falls (Ithaca, NY)

Wednesday, October 13th 2021.

1-Day Shootout | 4 Shoots

1 Ultimate “Glamping” Styled Elopement at Firelight Camps, Ithaca.

1 Epic Hiking Waterfall Elopement at Taughannock Falls State Park.

1 Glamping In-Home Couples Session

1 Adventure Couples Waterfall Session

$750/ticket ($100 off total if paired with Adirondack Park ticket)

Death Valley National Park, CA

Elope with Kasey Jo x Rylee and Co

Wednesday November 10th, 2021.

1-Day Shootout | 6 Shoots

3 EPIC Locations in Death Valley National Park, CA.

3 Realistic “All-Day” Fully Stylized Hiking Adventure Elopements

3 Adventure Couples Sessions

DVNP Photography Permit Included

$1000/ticket ($200 off total if paired with Joshua Tree ticket)

Joshua Tree, CA

Elope with Kasey Jo x Rylee and Co

Friday November 12th, 2021.

1-Day Shootout | 6 Shoots

2 Nights Optional Lodging at Joshua Tree Acres in shared Airstreams (November 11th-13th)

Iconic Locations in Joshua Tree, CA and at Joshua Tree Acres Airstream Camp

3 Realistic “All-Day” Fully Stylized Hiking & Glamping Adventure Elopements

3 Adventure, In-Home Airstream, and “steamy” Hot-Tub Couples Sessions

$1000/ticket ($200 off total if paired with Death Valley ticket)

$500 additional including 2 night’s lodging in shared Airstream at Joshua Tree Acres

Autocamp Cape Cod & Marthas Vineyard, MA

September 7th-9th, 2021

3-Day Retreat | 4-6 Shoots

2 Nights/3 Days stay at Autocamp Cape Cod in a Luxury Airstream

All Meals Provided (New England cuisine! Plus lots of s’mores)

Round-Trip Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard

2 Realistic “All-Day” Fully Stylized Adventure Elopements (Located at Autocamp Cape Cod & Aquinnah Cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard)

2-4 Beach Adventure & In-Home Airstream Couples Sessions

Bonus: Group Coaching on Marketing for East Coast Elopements, Sales Psychology & all things business.

Access to The Clubhouse, Bicycles, Yard Games, Campfires, (a total “glamping” experience).

**Update as of 06/22- Only 1 Ticket Available**


Martha's Vineyard

Autocamp Cape Cod

Adirondack Park, NY

Firelight Camps & Taughannock Falls

Death Valley National Park

Joshua Tree, CA

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to get content you’re really proud of, this is it. I can’t wait to help you build your portfolio! Scroll down below to check out our next Shootouts & Retreats!
What we have planned for 2021:
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